Established in 2010, Make Every Woman Count (MEWC) is a women’s rights organisation that emerged from the launch of the African Women's Decade 2010-2020. Our primary objective was to monitor and track the progress of women's rights across the continent throughout this Decade. By gathering and documenting information on women's rights, MEWC aimed to raise awareness, stimulate policy change, and hold institutions accountable for their actions during the Decade. 

The knowledge we generate is a valuable resource to inform policies, advocacy, programs, and initiatives promoting gender equality. We aim to build a robust evidence base through our knowledge production and documentation, strengthening advocacy efforts and ensuring that decision-makers are held accountable.


MEWC is dedicated to documenting and producing knowledge on women's rights in Africa. Through rigorous research, data collection, and analysis, we strive to raise awareness, drive policy changes, and demand accountability from institutions. Our mission is to utilise the knowledge we generate to shape policies, programs, and initiatives that advocate for gender equality.


Our vision is to establish a strong evidence base through dedicated documentation and knowledge production, thereby reinforcing our advocacy efforts. We aspire to become a leading force in holding decision-makers accountable, nurturing a continent where women's rights are respected, and gender equality is not just an ideal but a lived reality.

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