It has been argued that where women are fully represented, societies are more peaceful and stable. Women's political participation is fundamental for gender equality and their representation in positions of leadership must be a priority for all African governments. Women are largely under-represented in decision-making and leadership positions in Africa.
Over the last years, there has been more women in parliaments and decision-making positions than before. In the parliamentary elections of Rwanda in September 2013 women obtained 64 percent of the seats, which is the highest number in the world. However, women's participation in governmance and decision-making remain very limited. They are outnumbered by men in all decision-making and leadership positions.
In the history of Africa, there are now three women who have been elected president:
  • Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – President of the Republic of Liberia
  • Joyce Banda – President of the Republic of Malawi
  • Catherine Samba-Panza – Interim President of the Central African Republic

There is progress here and there on the continent regarding women's rights . We must go much further to ensure greater gender equality in Africa. It is not just a matter of justice....When women take their rightful place at the negotiating table, in the parliament and in leadership positions across society, we can unleash Africa’s enormous potential..." UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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Source: Africa News
Senegal will break new ground Monday as West Africa's largest-ever proportion of women MPs take their seats in a newly elected legislature, stirring hopes of change in a country where patriarchal laws and attitudes are entrenched.

Source: Guineenews

Un point de presse a été organisé ce lundi 4 juillet à la maison commune des journalistes à la Minière dans la commune de Dixinn, en prélude du lancement, le 6 juillet 2022, du chapitre Guinée du Réseau des Femmes Leaders Africaines/African Women Leaders Network (AWLN).

SOURCE: New Times

The inclusion of women in political processes is a key element in achieving a truly inclusive democracy, and women must have a chance to exercise their political rights and participate fully in all political decision making, a senior Tanzanian lawmaker said on Wednesday, June 15.

SOURCE: Allafrica

Did you know ... in the whole of West Africa there have only been three women heads of state since 1957 (Guinea-Bissau and Liberia), there are only two women speakers currently in the legislature (Togo and Benin) and there are only two countries with over 30% women's representation in legislative chambers (Cabo Verde and Senegal)

SOURCE: Premium Times

The Minister of Women Affairs, Pauline Tallen, has identified the low number of women in politics and other leadership positions as a major setback to the country’s development.

SOURCE: Capital FM

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 8 – Amani National Congress (ANC) Party has revised its list of nominated Members of Parliament so as to comply with the two-thirds gender rule as directed by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

Source : All Africa

Although Somalia now has a quota system for female lawmakers, women are frequently held back from pursuing leadership roles due to pervasive cultural and social barriers.

Source: VivAfrik

Au Mali, l’un des pays les plus pauvres au monde, les femmes et les filles subissent directement les effets du changement climatique. Elles sont aussi porteuses de solution et il faut donc les écouter, comme l’expliquent deux représentantes de la société civile malienne.

Source: Agence Mauritanienne d'Information

Le conseiller du Wali de l’Adrar chargé des Affaires Sociales et Politiques, M. Cheikh Ould Bilal, a supervisé, lundi soir, à la Maison des Jeunes d’Atar, en compagnie du Hakem de la moughataa d’Atar, M. Mohamed Ahmed Ould Cheikhna, une cérémonie de distinction organisée en l'honneur de la première génération de femmes pionnières de la wilaya.

Source: Agence Ecofin

Le chef de la première institution de crédit au développement d’Afrique (ndlr: Banque Africaine de Développement) s’exprimait lors de l’initiative virtuelle des femmes chefs d’Etat, une nouvelle initiative plurimédia organisée par en partenariat avec Coca Cola Africa.

SOURCE: Capital FM

NAIROBI Kenya, MAR 20- Businesswoman Grita Muthoni has declared intesret in the presidency in the August elections, becoming the female aspirant to formally declare her interest in the male-dominated race.

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