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Maternal mental health is a critical yet often overlooked issue that affects the experience and quality of a woman’s health during the perinatal period — the period which includes pregnancy and up to two years following childbirth. Pregnancy, childbirth, and early motherhood can be quite challenging as they often result in significant changes to a woman’s physical well-being, appearance, and financial circumstances. Consequently, many women experience changes in their mental health which can have a negative impact on their general health and, as a result, the well-being of their infants and family.

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The International Day to End Obstetric Fistula is marked annually on 23 May. It is a day to draw attention to the devastating injury caused during obstructed labor, which continues to impact the lives of tens of thousands of women in Ethiopia.


The survey by the Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) recommended capacity-building and awareness to ensure that employers have an understanding of gender equality.

Par Mariam Barry

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Connu depuis l’antiquité, l’esclavage consistait à priver un individu de sa liberté, elle fonctionnait donc que sous la contrainte, la violence et réduisait les victimes au rang de marchandise négociable.

L’Organisation Internationale du Travail (OIT), estime que l’esclavage contemporain touche aujourd’hui plus de 40 millions de personnes à travers le monde. Et plus de 70% des victimes sont des femmes, le plus souvent en Afrique subsaharienne, à travers les exploitations sexuelles, les mariages forcés et précoces.

One of the world’s most comprehensive and progressive women’s human rights instruments, the Protocol to the African Charter on the Rights of Women in Africa (the Maputo Protocol) was adopted by Heads of State and Government in Maputo, Mozambique, 19 years ago today - on 11 July 2003.

Two of Make Every Woman Count's Research Fellow's reflect on this milestone: 

By Grace Pattison

CEDAW: To fight against or collaborate with culture?

There are many definitions and aspects of culture; Kroeber and Kluchhohn synthesised these to form a useful, overall definition: “Culture consists of patterns, explicit and implicit, of an for behaviour acquired and transmitted by symbols, constituting the distinctive achievements of human groups, including their embodiments in artifacts; the essential core of culture consists of tradition (i.e., historically derived and selected) ideas and especially their attached values; culture systems may, on the one hand, be considered as products of action, on the other as condition elements of further action.”

By: Natalie Czarnota

Widows are often thought of as elderly women, but many women are widowed at young ages too. One in 10 African women over 15 years of age are widows. This number is significant because when a woman’s husband dies, she faces danger in many African communities. Widows face discriminatory and harmful treatment perpetrated by the community. Many of the practices involving widows are classified as inhuman, humiliating and degrading.

By Becky Zelikson

"You can't leave politics out of it. Being a lesbian, being a woman, is politics"

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