SOURCE: Namibian

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform is calling on women with expertise in the functioning of communal land boards and who are engaged in farming operations to apply for the 2024/2027 board membership.

The invitation for applications will run in 13 regions apart from Khomas which has no communal land.

The call is based on the Communal Land Reform Act, of 2002.

According to the ministry’s spokesperson, Jona Musheko, this call aims to ensure women's representation in leadership roles on land matters.

“Historically, land matters and decisions have been dominated by men. Hence, the relevance of section 4 (1) D (i) and (ii) that requests for four women of whom two must be engaged in farming operations while the other two must have relevant experience in farming,” Musheko said.

He said the composition of the Communal Land Board does not exclude men, as they have enjoyed the privilege in the past due to cultural norms and traditions.

"Hence, this call is specifically for women to ensure that for each of the 13 Communal Land Boards, there are four women with experience," Musheko said.

He said the youth and young women with disabilities are also encouraged to apply.

Applications are open until 20 October.


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