Source: Algerie Presse Service
WASHINGTON- The strengthening of women’s participation in the political life in Algeria has been hailed as leading experience in the promotion of the Arab women’s leadership, as part of the Fifth Annual Arab-American Day held in Washington.


The works of the day celebrated by the Arab League under the theme “Arab Woman: Enhancing Leadership & Resilience” highlighted the progress made by Algeria in this field.

The participation of women in the Algerian political life and their presence in the decision-making process has been outlined during the meeting organized Monday by The Chamber of Arab-American Commerce and the Council of the Arab Ambassadors to Washington.

A focus was placed on the recent revision of the Constitution, decided by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, which consolidates equality between men and women in employment and encourages the promotion of female personnel to the senior positions within the public institutions and administrations.

Algeria has also adopted a quota system to improve women’s representation in the elected assemblies, granting women 30% of seats at the parliament.

Currently, Algeria is leading the Arab countries in terms of women’s representation at the parliament.

In the economic field, the government has launched last April with the International Bureau of Labour the programme « women for growth», which is intended to promote female entrepreneurship in Algeria and increase the number companies created by women.


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