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On 23 April 2018 Girl Child Empowerment conducted a community dialogue meeting in Masthebe community in Bulawayo. The activity was cemented with the passion of lifting the banner for young girls and women towards participating in 2018 national elections.

The community training and awareness was aimed at presenting some lectures on the issues affecting young girls and women in taking positions in the upcoming elections. During the dialogue meeting women pointed out that they are being sidelined in taking positions, the political space was said to be male dominant. One of the members pointed out that if women try to challenges shoulder to shoulder with men counterparts, the society perceives her as a social outcast.

It was also agreed that by getting involved in community activities, young girls and women can come into contact with like-minded peers and positive adult role models other than their parents. Interacting and cooperating with other adults encourages women to see the world in different ways. It puts their family experiences and values into a wider context. Simply put, it is unjust to completely exclude women from politics or to include them to the extent that we have seen in Zimbabwe today.

Women vowed to be considered in political positions. All human beings are equal and women possess the same rights as men to participate in the governance of their country. It was pointed out that human rights are also women's rights then the right to political participation as enshrined in most if not all the key human rights instruments should be enjoyed by women as well. Zimbabwe has committed to the following local, regional and international policy frameworks which promote and support women's rights and their equal representation in decision making. After the activity the organization donated sanitary pads and small food hampers.

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