Source: AllAfrica

El Geneina — The lack of representation of women in the new government of West Darfur has led to large-scale protests by women leaders in the state.

On Tuesday, the Governor of West Darfur, Hussein Yasin, announced his new cabinet, consisting of five ministries, all headed by men.

Yasin said that the Sudanese state governors recently pledged to President Omar Al Bashir that the state governments will serve the people, not the rulers.

The priorities of the new West Darfur government will focus on promoting peace, fighting poverty, and developing the economy in the state "to reflect positively on the life of the people".

Ministry for Women

Women leaders in West Darfur reacted to the men-only government by threatening to suspend the political, social, and cultural work women are doing in the state, until they are well represented in decision-making positions.

On Thursday, they called for the establishment of a Ministry for Women, in addition to the appointment of women as commissioners and general managers.

The women demanded the West Darfur government "to urgently respond" to their demands.

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