Source: Dalsan Radio

Puntland named the lowest number of female cabinet ministers compared to other regional states.

Out of the full cabinet, only two are female out of the 48. The full list has 18 ministers, 21 Assistant Ministers and 9 state Ministers.

Puntland President, Said Abdullahi Deni will now forward the list to parliament for approval.

The former planning minister who came to office on January 8th will oversee the affairs of the oil-rich state. He will also face the thorny issue of boarder dispute with the self-declared Somaliland, a matter that even the Federal Government has not been able to sort amicably.

Also in the radar is whether he will rid the state known of myriad cases of corruption and the incessant wrangles with the Federal Government.

List of Ministers

- Awil Sheikh Hashi: Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs

2 - Mohamed Abdirahman Dhabanad: Minister of Interior

3 - Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan: Minister of Security

4 - Hassan Shire Abgaal: Minister of Finance

5 - Abdiqaafar Elmi: Minister of Planning and International Relationship

6 - Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan: Minister of Education

7 - Jama Farah Hassan: Minister of Health

8 - Ahmed Bashir Muse: Minister of Public works

9 - Mohamed Abdi Osman: Minister of Ports

10 - Hussein Osman Gibiley: Minister of Public works and Airports

11 - Amina Hajji Osman: Minister of women

12 - Ali Hassan Ahmed: Minister of Information

13 - Said Osman Aden: Minister of Livestock

14 - Ismail Dirie Gamadid: Minister of Agriculture

15 - Abdullahi Abdi Hersi: Minister of Commerce

16 - Farah Mohamud Awash: Minister of Fisheries

17 - Jama Farah Muse: Minister of Labor, Youth, and sports

18 - Ahmed Mohamed Yusuf: Minister of Water and Energy

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