Source: Angola Press
The second deputy speaker of the National Assembly (Angolan Parliament), Joana Lina, said Friday in Luanda that the rising of Angolan women in the country’s decision-making organs started in the early days of the national liberation struggle with their contribution to independence.
The official was speaking to Angop on the fringes of the workshop on “Women participation in decision-making organs: how to preserve attained goals”.

Joana Lina said Angolan women are rising to political positions and others due to the particular historical context, namely their involvement in favour of the freedom of the people.

She said that the democratic system that followed the attainment of peace in the country in 2002, was also a condition that led to the promotion of equality, tolerance, share of experience and a major political participation.

According to her, statistics show that over the last 30 days, the world started to count on the presence of women in all fields of activity, particularly in political decision-making organs.

She stated that the number of women in key positions in the country has been on the rise in all spheres of the society.

“This means there is a public recognition of the importance of including women in the interpretation of the political acts and processes of our country,” she underlined.

The meeting is being attended by women holding relevant posts in the Executive, church officials, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to Angola and members of the civil society and is part of the celebrations of the July 31, African Women Day.


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