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A female senatorial candidate in Grand Bassa County has called for equal participation of both males and females in the decision making process of the county. According to Martha Karnga, the county is behind other counties in term of equal representation at the Legislature

, and as such, there has not been equal participation in deciding the developmental agenda of the county. Karnga, the county's political history says, is the first female senatorial candidate. It also says that the county has had two females in the House of Representatives, and that was 50 years ago.


In an exclusive interview with this paper last weekend in the port city Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, the female senatorial candidate pointed out that it is now time that Grand Bassa County begin to emulate the examples of other counties by giving equal opportunity to their men and women in term of representation in government, especially at the Legislature.

Listen to her: "I want to set precedence for the girls or women of this county. The Legislature is not for men alone, but for every citizen. Our girls are not going to school to only remain in the kitchen, but to also move forward. In order to achieve this, we are campaigning vigorously. We are doing person to person, door to door campaign. The beauty part of this is that people of all over the county are coming to me, pledging their support to my candidacy. One major thing that we lack in this county is equal representation or equal participation in our decision making process. I do believe that the people want a change in their political history. They know and believe that if I become their senator, I will definitely cater to their needs due to my past life with them."

"I do a lot of human rights education for women on the radio. We wanted women to be pro-active and contest for the Legislature and so they (women) chose me, because they felt I was the most experienced due to my advocacy for them. This is why we are contesting for the senate and by God's grace, we will succeed. We are 95% sure of this," she continued

Karnga said her campaign is not intended to castigate anyone, but to convince people why she is the best choice and must be voted for.

She added that the equal participation of both men and women will enhance the developmental agenda of the county and the nation on the larger scale.

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