Source: The Zimbabwean
The female electorate are determined to fight and defeat Mugabe and Zanu (PF) through the ballot, said MDC-T Women Assembly National Chairperson, Theresa Makone.

“Women emerged from the abuse hardened and more determined to humiliate Mugabe and his former ruling party at the coming elections. Women lost households, live-stock, property, beloved children and husbands at the hands of Zanu (PF) and have said enough is enough. Come next election, women will fearlessly vote MDC in their thousands,” Makone told a party peace rally at Rudhaka Stadium here on Sunday.

She said that even women from Zanu (PF) would vote MDC as they realised that it was only Morgan Tsvangirai and his party that held the keys to peace and prosperity.

“Women across the political divide have realized that it is through the participation of MDC in the inclusive government that economic recovery has been brought about. The moment Tsvangirai and his team joined the GNU, basic commodities became abundantly available on shop shelves. Books became available at schools and clinics suddenly became filled with drugs. Food was then available on the table. Every woman can now meet their basic needs and no one will ever vote Mugabe and Zanu (PF) in future”, said Makone who is also MDC-T Co-Home Affairs Minister for Home Affairs.

Makone said it was now abundantly clear that God’s time for regime change in Zimbabwe had come.

“Everything suggested God’s time for regime change which would usher in a Tsvangirai led MDC government has come,” she said.

Makone urged women to register and vote for MDC in their millions as the coming elections would put the last nail into the Mugabe and Zanu (PF) coffin.

Women are prepared to fight for justice at the next election. Women are prepared to fight for justice at the next election.


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