Source: Angola Press
The chairperson of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Suzana Inglês, Friday in Luanda expressed concern about a poor adherence of women to the ongoing countrywide voter registration and update process closing its first phase on December 16.

Suzana Inglês was speaking at the end of a field visit she paid to some Luanda's localities like Maianga, Ingombota and Samba, to learn about the functioning of the brigades.

According to the official, in Luanda province, very few women are seen updating their electoral registration, mainly in Samba and Maianga districts, which worries the CNE.

She said that this situation is also noted in the other provinces, despite the reasons of agricultural season and poor awareness campaign.

The source said that Samba is the district with more difficulties because of its complexity, while Ingombota is faced with functioning problems at their electoral office.

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