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President Good luck Jonathan on Thursday restated his determination to get Nigeria out of the shackles of poverty and transform the country into a more cherished environment that thrives with meek and honey.

Speaking in in Jos while addressing the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) supporters at the Jos township stadium to grace the flagging off of his presidential campaign in Plateau State, said, if elected as president this year, he will first of all encourage every Nigerian to grow up to his destiny, through improving on agriculture and tin mining to ensure that the sectors become the main stay of economic development of the country instead of relying on the oil.

According him, by the zeal to create wealth for the country, “ I will encourage every Nigerian to go back to farm, and I will ensure that there is general improvement of all the sectors and most importantly revisit tin mining and coal which Plateau and Enugu were known for.

Other sectors he promised to tackle with all seriousness are; education, power road construction, even as has pledged Nigerian women the 35 percent affirmative action plan in both ministerial and ambassadorial appointments, but with a condition that they must mobilize and vote the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the 2011 general elections.

The President who spent a night in Jos, despite security challenges in the city, added that he would do “whatever is possible to ensure that peace returns to the state so that it can regain its lost glory as the “home of peace and tourism.

“I promise we will work with the party and give women 35 percent ministerial and ambassadorial postings. Vote for us, mobilize women and we can guarantee you this” adding that “all female ministers are working hard and have not disappointed him so far.”

According to the President, his election would run a government that “is not discriminatory and his policy would encourage Nigerians to grow and ‘our commitment will be that of wealth creation and to solve Nigerian problems of power generation, water and road infrastructures, peace and security as well as the implementations of the 35% gender representation in governance.”

Among those who gave words of encouragements for the supports for Goodluck/ Sambo 2011 election were Governor Johah Jang, Solomon Lar, and Ag. National PDP chairman, Bello Halilu Mohammed, Speaker- Plateau State House of Assembly among others.


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