Source: Cameroon Tribune
It is unwise to wait for the last day of the registration of voters. That is the message which the President of ELECAM, Dr Fonkam Azu'u is taking to stake holders in the North West in efforts to encourage and step up the exercise expected to drop curtains on February 28, 2013. At Press time on January 11, 2013, the North West had registered 281.040. In the lot, women lead with 150.343 registered against 130.697 men and 1020 disabled. Mezam division sound off with 82.768 registered ahead of Bui, 58.027, Donga Mantung, 36.702, Boyo,28.245,Ngojetungia, 26.237, Momo, 25.290 and Menchum, 23.771.

From the look of things, the Region is on track and the President of around to encourage them to improve registration figures. It is against this backdrop that Dr. Fonkam Azu'u urged the population to register now and get set to vote when time comes because voting is one rare moment when the equality of citizens is exercised or showcased. Accompanied by ELECAM Board member, Dr Nsangou Issofa, the ELECAM Boss has been urging major stakeholders like political parties to take the lead in the constitutional role to sensitise members or faithfuls to file out and register. The way forward to step up registration figures according to Dr Fonkam Azu'u is to work in tandem with the administration, traditional leaders, family meetings, funerals etc.

The ELECAM Boss who will cris-cross the Region up to January 23, 2013 has also been stressing the fact that only Elections Cameroon registers voters and not political parties. The core message is a reminder that biometric registration of voters is on course and a major way to move the nation's democratic process forward is to register now and become a statistic. Dr Fonkam Azu'u has also been taking time off to face the Press, clarifying controversies, misunderstands and drawing the lines between contractual and legal dates to drop curtains on the biometric registration of voters.

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