Source: Cameroon Tribune
The call was first echoed at the Yaounde May 20 Avenue during their brilliant march past that marked festivities of the 28th edition of the International Women's Day, chaired by First Lady Mrs Chantal Biya.

Female workers of the country's elections governing body, Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) through billboards, showcased their willingness to assist all stakeholders in the biometric recompilation of the voters' list that is ongoing in the country, scheduled to end on March 29.

From the march past, followed the dining and dancing, not without words of appreciation, encouragement and advocacy. The representative of ELECAM personnel, Regional Delegate of ELECAM Centre, Brigitte Ntsama Amougou, hailed her female folk for their participation at the event. She seized the opportunity to remind them of the daunting task they have - that of bringing more Cameroonians to learn to exercise their civic responsibility via voting. She therefore challenged them to continue the good work they have been doing and to sensitise and convince more Cameroonians especially women to register on the voters' lists. As women, she said, "We have to teach our children and those close to us on civic education so that together, we can meet set goals." Figures as at March 2, 2013 from ELECAM show that over 2.5 million men have been registered as against 2.2 million women.

Another high point of merry-making at the ELECAM head office in Bastos, Yaounde on March 8 was the handing over of gifts by female staff of the institution to the wife of the Director General of Elections, Mrs Fadimatou Baba. The spouse of the Deputy Chair of ELECAM, Mrs Essosse, was also there to cheer female staff of ELECAM.

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