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Ahead of the holding of a special senatorial mid-term election throughout the country, women of Liberia are not taking the process as a joke, despite challenges and intimidation from some of their male counterparts.

With less than seven months to the holding of the senatorial race by the National Elections Commission(NEC), former Zwedru city mayor and Deputy Minister for Administration, Ministry Post and Telecommunication, Cecelia K. Towah has declared her intention for the hot seat in Grand Gedeh county who might be the possible replacement of incumbent Senator Isaac Nyenabo.

Madam Towah made her declaration of intent known Wednesday 12th of March 2014 during a brief meeting with some Grand Gedeans in Monrovia before her departure for the county.

Grand Gedeh County has three districts - Tchien, Gbarzon and Konobo. Grand Gedeh's population is put at 132, 638, but not all are registered voters. About 11 people will be vying for the county's senior senatorial seat, seeking to boot out the man who has sat in that seat for nearly eight years - Isaac Nyenabo.

The south eastern county race will see people like Isaac Nyenabo, Thomas YayaNimely, George S. Boley, George Dweh, Marshall Dennis and Zoe E. Pennue. Others are Samuel KanyonDor, Jr., Cyrus Cooper, the lone female aspirant Cecelia Towah, Charles Breeze and William K. Glay.

Accordingly, under the Liberian Constitution, a senior senator serves for nine years for the position to be declared vacant. Isaac Nyenabo'sposition will be declared vacant in July as the NEC launches what it calls "Project Year".

The female senatorial hopeful Towah has promised to push women and children issues to the floor of plenary of the Liberian Senate, especially the issues that have to do with raping underage children by older man who sometime mislead family members that they carrying those children for better education within the urban area.

At the same time, the former Zwedru City Mayor also assured citizens of the county of her fullest commitment to protecting their interest by putting forward proper legislation that will benefit them.

She has provided scholarships to universities and high school students hailing from Grand Gedeh County over the past years.

Some of the universities that are currently benefiting from the scholarships include: the University of Liberia, Duja Technical College and DehSuah High school among other.

Madam Towahworked under the regime of slain Liberian President Samuel Kenyan Doe as Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication.

Prior to the Doe's regime, she also worked under the regime of the late r Liberian President William R. Tolber as City Mayor of Zwedru city in Grand Gedeh County.

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