Source: Angola Press
The Angolan MP Carolina Elias said on Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland that Angola has already achieved an acceptable percentage of women in political positions, but the country must continue to create continue to create programmes to increase the number of these females class in decision making bodies.

Speaking to the press about the participation of Angola in the meeting of Women Parliamentarians of the Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU), said that the figure of 37 per cent is encouraging, but everything should be done so as to achieve higher levels in terms of percentages.

Carolina Elias said that it was presented in this meeting of IPU, held 16-18 of this March, the work that the Angolan government is doing to increase the level of women participation in the government and other structures.

She said assured that the Angolan government is making a big effort in this sense, adding that the objective of the authorities, mainly about women, is to overcome the elevated levels by other countries.

According to her, the debates and proposals presented will permit that the member countries of IUP may outline a set of measures and strategies that enable to comply with some resolutions adopted during this women forum.

On her turn, the MP Guilhermina Prata, who represented the Angolan delegation in the human rights commission, said that Angola reiterated a few of the presented proposals and related to the reality of the country, such as the issue of the inclusion in the resolution draft of more inclusive expression of boys and girls.

She explained that genital mutilations are made in some parts of Angola, a problem that the country defended to be included in the resolution project, alongside with other rights related to children, right to education and health primary care.

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