Source: All Africa
Female parliamentarians have met with women representatives from districts to discuss how to improve the welfare of women.

In the week-long exercise, they visited 27 of the 30 districts in the country. The participants discussed the challenges women face in their communities.

"After meeting the women representatives at the district level, we agreed to work closely together in enhancing, sensitising women on family planning and working in cooperatives," said Jacqueline Mukakanyamugenge, a member of the Rwanda Women Parliamentary Forum.

The women leaders, expressed concern over prostitution which, they said, continues to undermine progress among young women.

Anita Kayitesi, one of the participants from Huye District, appreciated the role of female legislators in the advancement of women in the country.

She, however, noted that most women in the rural areas are uninformed about their rights, one of the areas to be addressed.

"We will work hard to sensitise them on government policies; for instance; some women are still resistant to medical insurance."

The MPs will oversee the work at the local level through committees, which were set up after the exercise.

The Rwanda Women Parliamentary Forum was created in 1996 to facilitate the integration of gender programmes in parliament.

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