Source:The Observer (Kampala)
 The minister of state for Primary Healthcare, Sarah Opendi, has called for increased emphasis on family planning to prevent the consequences of unwanted pregnancies.

Releasing a report, 'The Stakes Are High: The Tragic Impact of Unsafe Abortion and Inadequate Access to Contraception in Uganda' recently at Kampala Serena hotel, she said Uganda was losing more than Shs 38bn in post-abortion care for women who seek to terminate their pregnancies.

"At least 800 abortions are happening everyday. Most of these are unsafe, and too often result in death, disability and other devastating consequences," said Sarah Opendi.

"If these women had access to comprehensive family planning services, including sex education, these costs could be prevented. Every $1 (Shs 2,550) spent in Uganda on contraception can prevent five dollars needed for post-abortion care."

Each year an estimated 297,000 induced abortions occur in Uganda, with nearly 85,000 women receiving treatment for complications from unsafe abortion.

About 65,000 women experience complications resulting from unsafe abortion but do not receive any treatment.

The minister explained that the unmet need for contraception, set at 41 per cent, called for more contraceptive care.

The situation means that at least two in every five Ugandan women aged 15-49, currently married or in a relationship, who want to delay or prevent pregnancy, are not using any form of family planning.

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