Source: Tanzania Daily News
BAHI District Commissioner (DC), Ms Betty Mkwasa, has called for regular cervical cancer check-up as more than 250,000 women die annually from the disease.

Speaking to reporters about a special campaign on cervical cancer screening in her district, Mkwasa said they would conduct check-ups on April 14, with the First Lady, Mama Salma Kikwete, expected to be the chief guest.

The DC said the exercise aimed at diagnosing women with the problem and put them on early treatment.

She said according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 500,000 new cervical cancer cases diagnosed every year, 250,000 of whom died from the disease.

Ms Mkwasa said the problem was particularly big in sub-Saharan Africa where 70 per cent of the patients were found, there were no clear statistics regarding Tanzania.

She urged women to show up in big numbers to check for cervical cancer, saying most of them were not well informed about the disease symptoms and thus only do so when it is too late.

She added that Bahi District Council had decided to team up with Dodoma Medical Christian Medical Clinic (DCMC) and Swiss Development Agency to conduct the check-ups in Bahi and Chipanga.

BAHI District Commissioner (DC), Ms Betty Mkwasa.

BAHI District Commissioner (DC), Ms Betty Mkwasa
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