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A Certified Midwife assigned at the Boegeesay Health Center in Rivercess County has alarmed over the numerous challenges confronting the medical facility.

Located in Monweh Statutory District, Rivercess County the Boegeesay Health Center provides medical services to hundreds of residents in the area.

According to Madam Priscilla M. Tarwell, nurses assigned at the health center are compelled to deliver pregnant women with "flashlight" during the last evening hours due to the lack of electricity.

She pointed out that the medical center has been without electricity since July, 2013.

She was speaking over the weekend when the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Morweh Energy Group, Mr. Christopher Z. Neyor and the county's Superintendent Mr. Wellington Geevon-Smith paid a visit at the center.

Madam Tarwell lamented that she delivered three (3) pregnant women on the night of Friday, April 25, 2014 with flashlight because of the scarcity of electricity.

Although the pregnant women were delivered safely, she noted that something must be done urgently by the Government of Liberia (GOL) and donor partners to help address the situation.

She said the solar panels that were used as a source of electricity to the medical center are all down.

She disclosed that the medical center lacks beds to take in more patients.

The Certified Midwife of the Boegeesay Health Center added that the center does not have a Physician to deal with complicated medical cases.

Madam Tarwell also decried that she is not on the payroll of the GoL adding that, "the incentives given us by the County Health Team (CHT) is coming very slow."

"We don't have current here and it's not easy to attend to pregnant women in that kind of condition; especially at night. All of the solar panels are down; we use flashlight to do delivery. We are catching serious hard time and there is no bed for the patients.

I am not on government payroll, butI receiveincentives from the CHT. We need a generator and this is very serious. Just yesterday evening, I dealt with three labor cases. Just look at the septic tank, it is burst. We need help," she further lamented.

Also speaking, Mr. Neyor expressed regret and sorrow over the poor condition of the health facility.

He, however, pledged that his entity would provide a 2.5KVA to the Boegeesay Medical Center very soon.

Certified Midwife Priscilla M. Tarwell
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