Source:Times Live
The shocking incident of a pregnant woman who apparently died outside a Cameroonian hospital is being investigated by the West African country's government.

According to CNN, the public health minister has denied Koumate Monique died due to hospital negligence.

A video went viral on social media this week showing Monique's corpse at the entrance of a local hospital.

With a crowd watching, a woman attempts to save Monique's babies by cutting open her abdomen with a surgical blade.

While the babies were removed from Monique, both did not survive according to local media reports.

CNN reports the minister, Andre Mama Fouda has compiled a timeline of what happened to Monique and insists she was dead on arrival at the hospital.

- Monique's family brought her to the Nylon District Hospital at 8 am local time the next day, asking to "remove" the fetuses. The doctor there refused, saying it was not possible at that facility.

- At the La Quintinie hospital maternity ward, two healthcare workers noticed that Monique had died some time ago. It's not clear exactly where or when she died.

- The family was advised to take her body to the mortuary, but then returned to the maternity ward, hoping to save the twins. Then the mortuary worker attempted to deliver the fetuses.

Cameroon's health care system has been exposed as poor and ailing after what happened to Monique. According to CNN, the country has the world's worst infant mortality rates at 13,9 percent.

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