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With a few weeks left, I am glad to have a few things sorted. Baby's name was becoming an issue with the husband seemingly blank on any suggestions and yet adamant about my recommendations.

It was an issue because I had noted that when my sister gave birth, a name was required to be written down on the birth certificate. Also, a friend who hadn't gotten a name by the time she gave birth told how she went for immunisation a week later. She registered whatever name came to mind and proceeded to make the queue. Her baby's name was called out several times but she had completely forgotten it. Disturbed that mothers were coming and leaving, she queried the receptionist and found that she had actually been called out several times, and together with other mothers, wondered who that name belonged to. Thankfully for us, an agreement has been reached.

We have also agreed on the hospital. I have found that it is easier to give birth where one has been attending ante-natal. I wanted to switch to Mulago and thought I could walk in there, push the baby out and pay the fee but that isn't the case. If you haven't been going there for ante-natal, you first have to see one of their doctors in his private clinic to get a recommendation. Then you pay the whole ante-natal charge to get a card, regardless of whether you have documents indicating that you have been getting these services elsewhere. Then you can give birth in Mulago Hospital's private wing.

So, what if this woman gets contractions and the quickest place she can access is Mulago Hospital? Will she get thrown out? I don't know. Anyhow, Mengo Hospital it will be for me, though I am sorry to say that their hygiene didn't impress me very much. Either the cleaners or their supervisors need to be fired. You can tell that someone tries to clean but that they do it haphazardly and half-heartedly. There is dirt under the cistern behind the toilet seat. It is clear that whoever does it isn't aiming at thoroughness. I have decided on the first person I will call when I get contractions. A good friend and mother of four whose second baby was born at home because the cab driver's phone whom they'd booked to take her to hospital was off. It was in the middle of the night and by the time her husband who had gone off to get a cab arrived, she had delivered by herself. Her advice; have two numbers of cab drivers and if possible, pay a small deposit of sorts such that you're taken seriously. That too is a big burden off my back. 

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