Source: Women4Libya
Women for Libya asks the National Transitional Council to ensure that Libyan women are included as equal participants in international conferences and national meetings to discuss the future of our country. To exclude women is to exclude a vital force in the reconstruction of a stable, transparent and democratic Libya.

Libyan Women are an essential part of the future of Libya, they must be openly and transparently included in discussions and promoted to participate at all levels in conflict prevention, reconciliation and involved in rebuilding Libya’s political, social and economic institutions. Women have always played important roles within society and will continue to do so. However, the moment has come for these contributions to be acknowledged and further respected, encouraging women to step forward into prominent positions.

Since February 17th 2011, Libyan women both in Libya and abroad have created a strong network of collaboration between themselves working towards a free Libya. Displaying an immense amount of courage and strength, they have been involved in nearly all aspects of the revolution, from protesting, smuggling arms, delivering humanitarian aid, lobbying governments for support and creating awareness through the media. The extraordinary result has been in the realization that Libyan women and men together can in fact change their society and inspire the world.

Women have taken a central role alongside men in this revolution, as mothers, widows, doctors, lawyers, nurses, writers, sisters, teachers, civil servants and daughters, we must ensure that we never again submit to oppression and marginalization. Women account for half the population and cannot be ignored. Nourishing and empowering this half of the nation will bring about remarkable results that will be the inspiration for generations to come.

Only when men and women stand united and equal will Libya finally realize its potential for prosperity. We therefore, with utmost respect and humility, call upon the National Transitional Council to honour the women of Libya by ensuring their voices are included in the discussions and decisions, for today and tomorrow, that seek a peaceful and democratic state.

If you stand behind these views and aims please add your name to this petition to the National Transitional Council.

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