The 2011 Egyptian revolution triggered many changes in the Arab world and we witnessed the visible participation of thousands of Egyptian women. Inspired by them,Tatiana Philiptchenko, a Canadian peace educator and reporter, created an exciting multimedia platform featuring their rich testimonies.

The website brings a unique insight into the events via fourteen women who fought for social justice and equality. They are artists, activists, writers, bloggers and journalists united by one simple goal: achieve a greater role for Egyptian women within their society.

Some are famous, such as Samira Ibrahim, who is a plaintiff against the military on the subject of virginity tests. Journalist Shahira Amin, who resigned in protest from the state Nile TV, is featured, as well as war correspondent Shaima Adel, who was in the news recently for her detention in Sudan. Some of the women are locally known activists such as Rania Refaat Shaheen, founder of the Pergola puppet theatre which tries to educate citizens on their rights.

The interviews reveal the concurrent but paradoxically opposing views of optimism versus pessimism, or the new sense of freedom versus fear. The subjects talk about the patriarchal society they live in, mentalities that are hard to change, and the physical and sexual harassment some encounter daily. They share their worries about the deteriorating security situation, the lack of opportunities, and the joy of their newly acquired freedom of speech. Included are colourful slideshows showcasing women in demonstrations and in their daily lives.



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Project releases website featuring fourteen activists


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Tatiana is a Canadian journalist, photographer and peace educator. She is interested in intercultural dialogue and covering issues that are sometimes not given enough emphasis.

The Media Peace Coop uses visual elements, journalistic techniques and the latest social media tools to help empower communities. We combine peace journalism methods with a direct involvement in the causes that warrant attention. Our website is at

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