Africa Reconciled is an NGO that describes itself as a cultural, social and educational movement for reconciliation, conflict transformation and the unity of Africa in general and the DRC in particular. Based in Goma, DRC, AR was created on January 10, 2011 by its visionary Mr Pascal Mugaruka Chinyabuguma. He began the NGO after observing the lack of real reconciliation at all levels in Africa but in The Congo particularly.



AR's vision is for the unity of youth of all ethnicities and religions of Africa in a move that gives hope and promotes reconciliation, creating a peaceful continent, prosperous for future generations who will celebrate and value the diversity of their ethnic and religious heritages.

- Improve the skills of women and youth in choosing and implementing viable capacity building of women victims of conflicts.
- Train the beneficiaries of micro-credit, surety groups on mutual solidarity.
- Support the socio-economic reintegration of women granted the microcredit to repay after 3 months.
- Monitor refunds and the allocation of credit. 
- Organizing agricultural cooperatives in rural areas with women victims of conflict.

Major Events

1. Credit Granting

After the grant of capital credit for income generating activities of a commercial nature, courage was the main object used by our beneficiaries. Many of these women beneficiaries have a small investment in particular choosing consumables to be sold in the market.

2. The establishment of a mutual savings for credit:

With 60 women, the beneficiaries are divided into 6 groups or they choose a representative. This mutual savings funds is to help women progress in their activities together and themselves. At the end of the savings cycle women will have repaid the total loans granted in addition to their own savings to be used to inflate their capital.


3. The creation of a common fund.

The fund's role is to fill the gaps that will be caused by delays. The repayment period is fixed and can not be changed. All group members have shared a small fee for the establishment of the common fund. It belongs to the group and is up tp the group to decide on its allocation in cases of use.

4. Agricultural Cooperative in rural areas

Agricultural cooperatives help us promote food security in households where women remain productive by working the soil and help beneficiaries to maximize the profit of their produce to reduce the rate of malnutrition due to food shortage in households DR Congo.


Africa Reconciled draws attention to the many problems and challenges in DR Congo; mostly it attempts to bring a message of hope. AR believes a better future is possible for the Congolese people in general, and for Congolese women in particular. This future will depend, among other support that individual donors bring to these women. As a organization of young Congolese, AR believe in this better future. Africa Reconciled needs support. With 100USD Africa Reconciled can help a woman who manages an average household of 5 people. Through this project, AR receives extraordinary testimonies of changed lives in families of these women.

"Women in the DRC thank you for the support and love that you give them."



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