The JERICHO Foundation is a Christian, non-political,non-profit, humanitarian NGO that advocates for the rights of women and human dignity. Created in 2007 JERICHO Foundation, seeks to be a part of the study, analysis and rapid response to suffering and the increasing vulnerability of children and women in eastern DRC.


Mission & Values

The Jericho Foundation mission is to research rapid and lasting solutions to various problems affecting women by involving others, especially members of the community in this process.

JF's work in the service of all communities without discrimination of religion, race, sex, tribute, philosophy and without proselytising.

The Jericho Foundation aims to:
• be sensitive to the suffering of human beings especially
children, women and vulnerable
• believe in its vision, mandate, mission and values;
• serve others with love, dignity, determination and passion;
• be ambitious, creative and committed;
• fight indifference to injustice and the displeasure of a human being;
• listen, communicate and influence others positively;
• be honest, hardworking and serene.


Reach & Expertise

Jericho Foundation work mainly in the eastern part of the DRC, specifically in North and South Kivu. Jericho Foundation opened its regional office for coordination in Goma, North Kivu Province in 2007.

The Jericho Foundation areas of expertise include:

Protection for women, children, civilians and gender equality.
Education in literacy and including reintegration and organisation of classes.
Food Security and WASH
Women's Leadership, Positive Conflict Transformation and Community recovery



The protection of women

- IDTR-ENA activities (Identification, Documentation, Tracing and reintegration of women victims of rape).    
- Implementation of positive masculinity projects for male behavior change towards women
- Reintegrating women victims of sexual violence in their communities and a healthy family environment
- Conducting Advocacy at the local level for the positive masculinity
- Providing psychosocial support compliannt with current protocols for children and women survivors of abuse and sexual exploitation: psychosocial support.
- Organizing detraumatisation sessions (with IPTG approach interpersonal psychotherapy in the group) and creative and recreational games
- Referencing survivors of abuse and violence (including sexual violence) to support structures.
- Contributing to building a protective environment for women in their communities and / or increase community capacity to provide a protective environment for women.
- Increasing access to care services for children and women at risk of sexual violence, those based on gender, exploitation and other abuses.
- Support to income generating activities for women and (awareness campaigns; monthly meetings, etc.).
- Preparation, extension and dissemination of messages (radio shows) with women and communities
- Production and presentation of radio programs to prevent GBV
- Consultation with children, adults and members of RALCOVIC to develop a code of conduct on the protection of women and SGBV
- Establishing a mapping support services
- Medical assistance (and Check-up) or voluntary HIV-AIDS for girls formerly exploited in brothels (commonly called HQ)
- Preventing sexual exploitation of minors and rehabilitate sexually exploited children.
- Prepare disadvantaged youth to economic opportunities through learning the trades.
- Organize basic literacy and education to life (life skills).

Protection of civilians and SBGV

It is since 2007 that JERICHO Foundation works in the field of the protection of civilians and Preventing Gender-based violence. Thus, interventions aim to improve the protection of civilians, to improve links between communities and local authorities and to improve the access of civilian populations to support services (SPEC).

To achieve these objectives, JERICHO Foundation proceeds primarily by:

- Establishing protection committees whose members are elected by the community at general meetings;

- Analysis of public protection situation of women with communities, updating community protection plans and support for protection committees in their implementation with a risk analysis.

- Strengthening the connection between the authorities and the communities through the exchange managers, training, and joint analysis of protection status;

- The establishment of a monitoring system for confidential reporting of human rights abuses and transfer systems of this information torelevant stakeholders;

- The training of protection committees on the rights of women, national laws, technical outreach, advocacy at the local, risk management and participatory action techniques to identify responses and mitigations for protection risks;

- Strengthening women's participation in protection activities through the creation of women's forums and networks (RALCOVIC)

- The support of local communities and NGOs and other community initiatives to advocate in synergy with local authorities (through advocacy system fitted);

- Awareness campaigns with community members to reach all beneficiaries.

- Increased access to support services through training, dissemination mapping support services;

- Strengthening the capacities of local structures at territorial level to advocate for the rights of the population throughout the project area.


JERICHO Foundation has a strong background in education (and education in emergency situations). With some projects implemented in an emergency context in IDP camps and communities of North Kivu, we partner IJAPC International in collaboration with CBN. Since 2007, we operate in the project KILA mtoto ASTAHILI ELIMU. In the implementation of education projects, we use the main approaches and strategies including:

- Rehabilitation and equipping of classrooms and rehabilitation / construction of latrines separated by gender

- Training of children's clubs (clubs for boys and girls club) and student committee (mixed club) on child protection

- Training of Trainers (community leaders) on child protection

- Community awareness (general public and door to door) on the importance of education and awareness in schools on school hygiene

- Investigations developed by communities on barriers to access to education: development of action plans to provide a response to barriers. s awareness of parents and COPA and ALP teachers to integrate AGR in school management.

- Support educational cells (in collaboration with the EPSP)

- Popularization of legal texts related to school management and primary education in general

- Support to educational workshops (facilitated by the EPSP) /Recycling on the new primary education program.

- Identification of-school children and their integration into the school system, distribution of student kits, kits and teachers, principals kits

- Pays school fees for children IDPs (internally displaced people)

- Training Copa Coges on good governance (school resources)

- Support to children's clubs (creative games and recreational equipment).
-Implementation System mentorship in schools (with the approach "big sister, little sister").
- Preparation classes ALP (Accelerated Learning Program).

- Support the establishment of ongoing non-formal education (literacy, life skills: numeracy, health, reproductive health, vocational or trades training) courses and activities.


Other Initiatives

JERICHO Foundation also has knowledge and experience in a small farming and integrated farming often in civilian protection projects it runs in the communities. More than once, he assured the distribution of goats sometimes to survivors of sexual violence or other incidents. Since 2007, Jericho Foundation and International IJAPC run in the Masisi a draft Protection and Food Safety through partnership with OGH. Jericho Foundation cares for socio-economic reintegration of vulnerable communities and higher by one-off or systematic support through IGAs and endowments reintegration kits. Since 2007 to date, thanks to HOPO GENENATION Jericho foundation projects help young people from the armed forces and groups and girls from brothels (HQ) and teenage mothers girls (ADFM (reintegrate professionally and economically in the city of Goma and Bukavu. Thanks to the support of partners (CBN) projects (like MAMA WA SASA Jericho foundation) SGBV whose KIND is the main theme were executed primarily in Rutshuru territories, Kalehe and Masisi.



Increased by its experience in the protection of children's rights and women, Jericho Foundation is a member of civil society in the DRC and also set up a network of activist associations for the rights of children and women RALCOVI (Network of Associations of the fight against rape in General


Since Jericho foundation does not have the means to its policy in advance, so for some of these projects executed, it still uses locally established partners and donors around the world. Briefly, the following tables select few projects, the intervention areas, the period of implementation as well as partners and donors who have worked with Jericho foundation the last two years (since 2013)


Get in touch with the JERICHO Foundation here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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