Luanda — The role of women in the development of the country's oil sector was highlighted Tuesday in Luanda during a lecture on the "contribution of African women in the creation of new leadership."

Led by the national platform Muhatu Energy Angola, in partnership with the Ministry of Mineral Resources Oil and Gas, the meeting took place in the country's capital as part of the Africa Day celebrations, marked on 25 May.

Speaking at the event, Muhatu representative Deise Bernardo emphasized the resilience of this section of society, saying that it has been able to establish itself in previously underestimated areas, breaking down barriers.

To her, female leadership is a valuable act that is, linked to assertive behavior.


The participants referred, among others, to the sector's former minister Albina Assis, advocating greater commitment on the part of the sector to increase the figure, currently set at 9%, for leadership positions.

Figures from the sector show that 15% of women, of which 6,000 are employees, make up the workforce in this area, out of a total of 40,000 professionals (including men), but only 9% hold leadership positions.

In turn, speaker Maria Amadeu considered the participation of women to be part of development through social justice and called for greater support for the sector, with a view to true equity.

Muhatu Energy Angola is a platform dedicated to promoting career opportunities and developing female leadership in the country's oil sector. 

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