Source: Daily News
THE ongoing national efforts to reduce poverty can only transform into reality if women are empowered with knowledge and skills.

Pemba South Regional Commissioner Mr Juma Kassim Tindwa said yesterday when opening a trade fair of beneficiaries of ''Women Empowerment in Zanzibar (WEZA)'' project. The Euro 125 million (approx. 250bn/-) WEZA project which targets to increase income and overcome social, cultural and political barriers to rural women in the isles is implemented by Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA) in collaboration with CARETanzania.

"Empowering women and girls with resources and skills can help lift families and communities out of abject poverty," Mr Tindwa argued. The RC paid tribute to Tamwa and Care-Tanzania for the successful project which officially ends today (Dec 1, 2011). The project was co-financed by the European Union (EU) and governments of Austria and Care Austria.

Beneficiaries of WEZA project are now engaged in various activities to fight abject poverty and boost their incomes including running their own businesses, operating savings and credit societies which help revolve loans. Project Coordinator from Zanzibar, Mzuri Issa said 7,842 people, the majority of which are women benefited from the WEZA project. "Also 52 groups, each with an average of 25 members were provided with income generating skills," Mzuri said

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