Source: Shabait
Women who engage in weaving activities after receiving training by the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare said that they have been able to generate income, and that their life is improving.

Ms. Meaza Teklemariam pointed out that previously she used to work as a daily laborer, but after she received training in weaving she joined Kisanet Weaving Association, and that she is leading better life by working and training others.

Similarly, Ms. Mebrat Woldegabir asserted that thanks to the training she received her life style and that of her family has improved.Ms. Jim'a Mohammed-Nur, head of community center, in the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare in the Central region branch office, pointed out that the Ministry provides different types of training to needy nationals and families headed by women, and that many of the women who received training are registering visible improvement in their life.

She further explained that the training includes tailoring, sewing and catering among others; however, weaving has more economic benefit as regards marketing, Ms. Jim'a added.The trainees noted that previously they used to receive threads from Natsinet Textile Factory at fare price, and called for solution to the problems they encounter.

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