Source: The Herald
A newly formed youths and women empowerment group has embarked on a programme seeking to fund various income generating projects. The pressure group is on a drive appraising people on the provisions of the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act.

They are also working on correcting misconceptions around the empowerment. The Economic Empowerment Support draws technocrats from diverse professions.

Its primary objective is to pool a membership base that it would assist in coming up with viable project proposal and help apply for financial assistance from financial institutions.

Addressing residents in Harare South at the weekend, the organisation's Women Economic Empowerment Support chairperson Ms Sharon Joseph said it was important for women to be empowered.

If women are not empowered they are vulnerable to abuse from many quarters even from their husbands, she said. She said it was critical that women be empowered as envisaged by Zimbabwe's draft constitution which views both men and women as equal.

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