Source: Kuwait News Agency
Algerian Minister of National Solidarity and Family Affairs Souad Bent Jaballah on Monday called for putting in play woman role in Arab economic development and facing up to accelerated changes in the region.

"The profound changes in the Arab world in the recent years, particularly in the economic domain, highlight the need to tap into all resources including the potentials of women in order to achieve sustainable development," she said.

Bent Jaballah made the remarks in an opening speech to the fourth Arab woman conference, being organized here by the Arab Women Organization (AWO) under the theme of "woman contractors and entrepreneurs." "The Arab women asserted themselves as efficient contractors and entrepreneurs and play an indispensable role in key specializations including high-tech and information-intensive industries," the minister affirmed.

On her part, AWO Director General Wadodah Badran urged the Arab governments to make better use of women role in economic development.
She set forth a number of obstacles facing the Arab female entrepreneurs notably the unfavorable cultural stereotypes

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