Source: Times of Swaziland
Research conducted by SARFED has revealed that 53 per cent of Swazi women have no stable source of income.

SARFED, which stands for Sothern African Research Foundation for Economic Development, is focused on entrepreneurship, women and child development as well as public health matters.

It was also revealed that globally, only 38 per cent of registered companies were owned by women.
Speaking during a press conference, George Choongwa the Regional Coordinator and Country Organiser said the research that they had been conducting revealed that there is a need for empowerment when it comes to participation in business.

“That is why we found it necessary to facilitate a conference that will capacitate and empower women in the country,” he said. The COMESA Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment conference which will take place on August 29 at Sibane Hotel, is one of the methods that SARFED and partners will use to address the dwindling entrepreneurship and shortage of women in the business sector.


Phindile Weatherson from SWEET said policies in the country were too stringent and made it difficult for entrepreneurs to start businesses.

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