Eritrean Women in Agribusiness Association (EWAA) held a conference at National Chamber of Commerce Hall over the past 2 days and scrutinized its growth and organizational capacity.

Representing members of the Association from all Administrative regions took part in the Conference.

Speaking at the meeting, Ms. Senait Tesfalidet, Chairperson of the Association, indicated that its goals are in tune with the endeavors being put up to raise the production capacity of women, and encouraged members to use the programs of the Association as a stepping stone to improvement of livelihood. She further disclosed that member women who are engaged horticultural, poultry and dairy production, as well as other activities are in a position to secure commendable harvest.

The participants of the meeting put forth views focusing on a number of issues.

EWAA which was first established in the Central region in 2003 attained a nationwide scope in January 2013.

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