Source: Tanzania Daily News 
YOUTH and women in Kilimanjaro region have been assured of getting 10 per cent of every district council's revenue for their development activities.

Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Leonidas Gama, ordered all district executive directors (DEDs) to see to it that the funds were disbursed according to government directives.

Mr Gama said failure to do that would see the directors pinned down by the respective laws, something he said they should not be awaiting.

He issued the warning at a meeting after getting complaints from members of village community banks (Vicoba) that funds from district councils were not forthcoming.

The RC said allocating 10 per cent of revenue was not optional under the law, adding that the move was deliberately put in place to enable women and youth groups prosper economically.

"I do not understand what the problem is with this issue because it is well known that from its own sources every district council has to set aside 10 per cent for youth and women.

"It does not matter what the amount accruing from own sources is, just make sure that 10 per cent is allocated for them. It is high time everybody acted and stopped being bureaucratic, otherwise we are going to intervene," warned the RC.

Mr Gama said directors who would not sign release of the funds would be viewed as saboteurs of the nation and would therefore not be tolerated.

He wondered why other activities which were run by the councils with their own funds were financed in time, but when it came to youth and women the councils had a number of excuses.

"I now order all district executive directors to do away with the bureaucracy surrounding this issue. Every group that meets the set standards should be given the funds.

"It should be clear that issuing the 10 per cent is not a favour, it is compulsory in accordance with the laws and regulations set by our country. Directors should make sure that the funds reach the targeted people," warned Mr Gama.

Earlier on, a member from Tuhurumiane Group in Mochi municipality, Ms Mwamvita Munisi, said they had given up hope on getting the funds, because the responsible officers kept dilly-dallying without a fair cause.

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