SOURCE: New Dawn

In helping to build the potential of Liberian women, the Rotary Club of Liberia has effectively graduated 194 women in four distinct disciplines which include soap making, cosmetology, food preparation, and clothes making.

Some communities that benefited from this opportunity include Du-Port Road, Clara Town, Old Road, Police Academy and Central Monrovia.

Rotary International is a humanitarian service organization that brings together business and professional leaders in order to promote community service, integrity and advice, goodwill, peace and understanding in the world.

It is non – political and it’s based on various social factors. There are about 46,000 members clubs worldwide with 1.4 million individuals known as Rotarians.

Serving as the keynote speaker for the program,  Arthur Wolobah Bomo Fumbah told the graduating women that the intention of the Rotary Club is to build the potential of women in order to make monies for themselves and the society.

According to him, the women of Liberia have made the nation proud, adding, “preparing the graduates clearly indicates that is the right step they are following in making their  business to grow in the society.”

Fumbah told the women that the institution is supporting them because they have demonstrated the potential to grow their businesses, adding that there was something they did good that got them selected.

He stated that Ghana’s economy, which is always cited as an example was built because of the development of human capacity.

“So I’m overwhelmed that whatever you have learned is going to build the economy of Liberia,” Mr. Fumbah challenged the women

“Our efforts will transform Liberia, our informal business into a more formal small and medium-size business, it will buttress the effort of the government in making sure to turn Liberia into a better income country,” Fumbah stressed.

The keynote speaker told the graduates that when business is established, it has two parents, naming the parents as the owner of the business and the government.

“So, if you treat your business just the way you treat your children, have a well-trained staff, a statutory compliance and committed and satisfied customers, certainly your business will reach … international standards,” Fumbah explained.

He stated that record keeping is very cardinal to the success of a business, saying no matter what you do if you don’t do something fundamental your business will not grow.

He urged the women to take a notebook, outline their expenditures and profits they get, saying when they continue this daily, it will certainly help their businesses.

On the other hand, the keynote speaker encouraged the government to pay key attention to the potential of Liberian women so that they can stop depending on foreign investment.

For his part, the president of the Rotary Club of Monrovia, Doeta Famak, encouraged the beneficiaries to use the knowledge to benefit their families and society.

According to him, if the country pays vital attention to business, the economy will be compared to other developing countries’ economies.

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