Source: Government of Ethiopia
he Deputy Prime Minister of UK, Nick Clegg, began an official visit to Ethiopia today, visiting Kokebe Tsebah primary and secondary school in Addis Ababa today where he announced that the UK would be providing 11 million pounds to support the education of 50,000 girls across Ethiopia.

In his speech to the school community Mr. Clegg said the support will be given through a project organized through Save the Children and Child Hope.

Most of the funds will go to assist girls who are unable to get primary education and will include provision of books and learning materials. Ato Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, said that this coupled with the activities of the government, will have a significant impact in strengthening girls' education.

He noted that the enrolment rate of girls in primary education has met the Millennium Development Goal, with the enrolment ratio standing at 51% for male students and 49% for females. Considerable progress has also been made at secondary level and he welcomed this additional support for the government's aims and efforts.

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