Source: Shabait
The Education Ministry's branch in Mahmime sub-zone stated that the participation of females in Education is on the rise vis-à-vis the growing community awareness to this end.

Reports indicate that the putting in place of various social service facilities has made remarkable impact as regards promoting community-based style of living in the locality, and that such accomplishment is in line with this trend. The growth of female participation in education witnessed as opposed to that of last year stands at 12%.

Among students, Idris Suleiman, Amna Adem and Amir Saleh expressed satisfaction with educational service.

Mr. Ahmed Abir, teachers, stated on his part that sustained efforts have been made with a view to giving impetus to the teaching-learning process, and thus giving rise to an achievement of this type.

There exist a total of 31 schools ranging from kindergarte to High School level in Mahmime sub-zone, and the number of students totals to over 2,400 with a nearly even number of males and females, according to reports.

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