Source: Shabait
At an assessment meeting conducted in Haikota sub-zone call has been made to conduct integrated efforts to enhance female students' school enrollment.

According to the reports the school directors presented, it has been indicated that students' school enrollment in general and that of female students in particular has been very low.

Mr. Abdella Mahmud, head of Education Ministry's in the sub-zone, indicated that with the establishment of educational institutions many children have become beneficiaries of getting education, and called on parents to reinforce participation in sending their children to school.

Mr. Hibtizgi Girmatsion, head of academic affairs in the Gash Barka region, indicated that many schools in the region are working under capacity, and called for more efforts to change the existing scenario.

Mr. Aregai Mebrahtu, Ac/Administrator of the sub-zone, stressed that on top of the responsibilities of parents and the community, teachers also have to reinforce participation in influencing the children to come to school.

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