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There is great saying conveying a message of 'Educating girls is educating the society' upon which everyone agrees as educated women have been change engines and contributing a great share to the progress and development of their respective countries. To this end, walking a talk through intensifying learning centres ranging from very elementary ones to higher learning institutions is quite crucial. Thanks to the Ethiopian government girls and women are now enjoying the fruits of education. They have met, are going to or can meet their dreams and aspirations.

Even though the infrastructure of many public schools in the country lack resources, the learning that goes on inside the school is every bit as good or better than in many public schools in many other countries. Every project eying on education especially that of girls makes a difference. Ethiopia partners with high impact grassroots organizations that give priority projects and girls and women needs. This trend helps the nation successfully attain the MDGs of education.

Needless to cite, education is the best tool for the women empowerment. Educating a girl child is the first step for a better tomorrow indeed. Learning is a continual process giving the girl child every opportunity to strengthen themselves. So, it is rightly believed that empowerment of the girl child is very important and makes a positive impact on the family, community, nation and mother earth at a larger scale. True, Ethiopia is at the right track in promoting women and girls education and could be taken as exemplary since the present scenario of globe is turning towards women safety and empowerment.

It is also crystal clear that an educated women can bring up a well-educated family and hence the entire nation is empowered. This aspect has also portrayed the importance of women rights so that women can bring change in themselves.

Interestingly, in Ethiopia people are now at a point where there is no question of whether girls should have access to the same education as boys as educating both genders is weighed equal. It is in all of our curiosity, individuals, businesses and governments, to ensure that every child, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or circumstances can gain the education they deserve.

It has been repeatedly heralded that the Millennium Development Goals set a target of achieving universal primary education by 2015, and despite making significant progress there was a way to go before this goal is reached. It was highly hit in Ethiopia. And the goodness for girls on an individual level is well-established. Educated girls develop essential life skills, are better equipped to participate effectively in society and protect themselves from harm.

According to studies, educated women are better able to care for themselves and their children-each year of a mother's schooling cuts the risk of infant mortality by 5-10 per cent. Children of educated women are far more likely to go to school creating positive effects on education and poverty reduction for generations to come.

Studies have also shown a direct correlation between increased rates of girls school enrolment and increased GDP. Education brings the immediate benefit of empowering girls and is an investment in a country's development.

These days in Ethiopia, taking advantage of conducive school environment and expansion at the vicinity of children, with more children, specifically girls, completing primary education, the demand for secondary education is growing. Though girls are forced out of school to help at home, or because their families do not recognize the value of their education, hopes are rising now as awareness raising activities have been undertaken among the society. Every member of the society must work to address girls' hurdles, school or out of school challenges that have been seriously compromising girls education including entrenched lilliputian attitudes baffling the idea to ensure girls equal treatment. However, doing away with all sorts of challenges girls are still experiencing should not be left only to the government, concerned ministries and other bodies. Rather it requires the combined effort of all.

Cognizant of the fact that providing girls with conducive education environment pays off, the Ethiopian government is working with the public and private sector across the globe, to ensure every girl has access to a quality education.

Through supporting a number of girls education oriented projects and advocating for equal educational prospects for girls and young women, the government is laying the foundation for growth, transformation, innovation, opportunity and equality in developing countries and new and emerging markets. Absolutely, educated girls and women not only provide a business with a wider future customer base, but also add to the depth and quality of the workforce. Yes, Ethiopia can break down the barriers to girls' education, and provide educational and vocational opportunities for all girls, then the futures of this generation, and their wider communities, will be so much brighter thereby making a difference at all levels.

For so many girls across the globe, especially in developing countries, going to school remains a distant dream, an unattainable ecstasy that hovers beyond reach. This has been made history in the Ethiopian context. As learnt from the Human Rights Declaration, Article 26, education is more often perceived as a privilege granted to people living in the lap of luxury, rather than a critical necessity that everyone should share. Basically, girls should be able to pursue knowledge in their chosen fields, to have enriching learning experiences and complete their primary, secondary and tertiary education programmes, regardless of their gender. No doubt, educating girls and giving them the tools to shape their own future has an incredible multiplier effect on economic growth. It leads to increased prosperity not just for individuals but for their communities and their societies. It is of significantly useful in providing nations with returns for decades.

There are some great organizations around the world improving the lives of girls. And it's becoming a big focus for our generation too. The Ministry of Education along with other development partners is shaping a new initiative focusing on how the country can create better opportunities for girls as they become young women, mothers, sisters, wives and part and parcel of change and progress. The focus of the government is not just on girls as it's important that the boys and men in the communities see how women are an essential part of progress in the nation.

Through activities like education workshops, awareness raising activities as well as other invaluable undertakings to promote girls' education, the Ministry has been playing an important part with regard to their education than ever. In general, changing the nation through education especially that of girls has to be well eyed on by every sector office and concerned body.

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