Source:Ghana News
The ExLA Group Gender Programme has launched the YAWC Mentorship Programme to nurture young African women for global impact.

The programme coincides with the Young African Women Congress (YAWC) which creates a unique platform for both accomplished and aspiring young women leaders to meet, interact and share ideas.

The Congress has been designed to amplify the awareness and consciousness of the benefits of the women empowerment agenda in Africa.
It provides the context within which young women get to meet and interact with accomplished women leaders of different sectors of life as they obtain insight to develop their own path to greatness.

Through keynote presentations, plenary discussions, speeches of personal perspectives as well as career fairs, a milieu is established for delegates to have their concerns addressed while re-strategizing for greater exploits.

In order to ensure that the flames of awareness and consciousness ignited during YAWC congresses remain perpetual, every delegate will be recruited into the YAWC Mentorship Programme (voluntarily) for a minimum period of 12 months and will be assigned to an accomplished modern woman leader to mentor her.

Young women who are between 201 and 35 years can log on to register for the YAWC 2016 which is scheduled for July 4-8 in Accra, Ghana.

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