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Luanda — The emancipation of women and gender equality are the result of a complex process of removing barriers that often requires a weighted practice of actions in favor of it, said Tuesday in Luanda, the Minister of Family and woman Promotion (MINFAMU), Filomena Delgado.

The Cabinet minister, who was speaking after the presentation of the "Human Development Report for Africa" in an activity carried out by MINFAMU and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), said that strengthening the institutional and operational capacity to integrate gender issues at central and local level, including legislative and administrative action on equal rights for men and women, enhances the status of women, ensuring full citizenship and social and economic inclusion.

According to the official, the Angolan government, in order to improve the situation of women, has elaborated several programs for the empowerment of women and youth, the issue of rural women, the training of family counselors, skills to support victims of violence, comes as the development of Communities.

Filomena Delgado also added that, in 2015, Angola was awarded in three categories: political participation, reduction of maternal mortality and female entrepreneurship, as a result of the efforts of the Government.

"It is fundamental to strengthen synergies in order to achieve the goals set out in the commitments made by the Angolan government at national and international levels," She said.

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