Source: Albawaba The Loop

Tens of Sudanese went to social media to argue over women rights and equality in the north African country, Sudan.

This came after a video was shared of a heated discussion between Sudanese women and the head of the Sudan Scholars Corporation, Mohammed Osman Saleh, over regulating female dress and reasons behind the rising sexual harassment rates.

The incident occurred during Deutsche Welle’s (DW) “Youth Talk” program, with Lebanese host Jaafar Abdulkarim presenting a segment discussing women's rights and equality in Sudan.

The viral video showed a Sudanese girl, introducing herself as We’am Shwagi, confronting the head of the Sudan Scholar Corporation attacking the social norms in Sudan that blame females instead of defending them.

We’am defended the women freedom to wear what they want without being judged in the patriarchal society of Sudan, which was clear with the audience applauding her.

On social media, several people supporter her and her point, applauding her courage to speak loudly and defend herself in Sudan.

Some highlighted the irony in the fact that most her critics were men, which confirm her argument that females in Sudan are facing a patriarchal society that needs to change.

Others criticized her way of disregarding the cleric by shouting in his face as she got emotional expressing her point of view.

Meanwhile, many criticized the show itself that is known for highlighting controversial topics in the Middle East, particularly on the women right issues.


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