Source: Dalsan Radio
A prominent human rights activists Faiza Dhakob has been harassed by a police officer who claimed that she was a man.

Police at Daljirka Dahsoon (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier stopped her, claiming that she was a man dressed in woman's clothes because of the moustache she has.

The officer then transferred her to Bodhere Police Station where they were to ascertain her gender..

"The police officer in charge ordered a female officer at the desk to take me to a private room to be frisked," she said

But Faiso declined the orders, prompting to the female officer to let her go. His ordeal ended when a senior officer walked in to the ensuing drama and talked his colleagues to let her go.

"Faiso said it was unfortunate police officers in the city did not have the requisite knowledge on how to deal with members of the public especially when conducting arrests.

"Police officers are legally allowed to search you under certain conditions when you are arrested but they must conduct their search in a reasonable and dignified manner."

Attempts to lodge complaints with the head of the police station failed after she was turned away and threatened with another arrest.

Her colleague Abdifatah Hassan Ali said "This is unacceptable and a great violation of human rights. The solder who arrested her must be held accountable.

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