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Minister of Women's Affairs Monica Mutsvangwa has called on the government to continue capacitating women saying gender parity issues are now economic issues.

Mutsvangwa who is taking over from Sithembiso Nyoni said women's rights and affairs have evolved from the human rights tag.

Speaking soon after being sworn in, Mutsvangwa said if capacitated and empowered women can contribute towards building a vibrant economy.

"Women can handle this economy and take it to a higher level. Women especially when it comes to social issues are grateful to the government of this country since independence.

"It has been putting a lot, investing a lot in terms of the girl child and sending them to school," said Mutsvangwa.

"We need to sit down and say as the women in Zimbabwe what we can do, push forward and help our President achieve vision 2030."

Asked to comment on the state of women's participation in politics, Mutsvangwa lauded Mnangagwa for exercising his executive powers in increasing the numbers.

"We are grateful that at least the President has used his executive powers to bring up the numbers. If you look at the performance of the first past the cost, I think we didn't do well as women and we continue to go back to the electorate and say women who are capable let's pick them up let's give them support.

"Women empowerment issues and gender parity issues are no longer human rights issues, they are economic issues.

"We need to make sure we bring our women who constitute the biggest percentage in our country when it comes to voting we know its women," Mutsvangwa said.

The former minister of information said her ministry will target women in SMEs while engaging in community development initiatives.

"So we are saying our women together with everybody else can bring our economy to a level we all want.

"This is our Zimbabwe together and as women, we will be working together with SMEs and community development," she said.

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