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The International Women's Day may be that special time set aside to commemorate the strides women have made and go back to the drawing board and plan the future of this gender, however every day is a celebration of womanhood. The pride, success and determination ingrained in the being of every woman. Some women shared why they feel blessed to be who they are.

The rational planner

"As a woman, I am always driven by the fact that we have the wisdom to plan rationally unlike men. Most of the time, women are seen as good planners be it at home, work or church. We are always at the forefront and accredited for our good work in organising and planning different things successfully. Women handle numerous responsibilities that even men can never accomplish.

We wake up every day early in the morning to prepare breakfast among other things for our families, afterwards we head to work and spend almost the whole day moving up and down to ensure everything at work is in place. Despite the weary day at work, we get back at home and place dinner at the table for the whole family," says Rice Tumusiime, an IT consultant. She derives inspiration from her mother who managed to raise six children on her own.

When multi-tasking is a calling

"The most interesting bit about being a woman is that we are naturally born hardworking which is experienced right from the childhood stage. During this stage, girls always play the motherhood role which involves cooking, fetching water, cleaning the house, washing the baby and acting as counsellors whenever a problem arises.

We have a multi-task capability whereby we can go to work, go back home and cook, clean the house and perform other house chores. Besides, we are known to be very loving and caring even during difficult times for instance whenever there is a problem, we always calm down first and then approach it later in a wise-caring manner," Joan Owade, Lecturer at Kampala International University (KIU).

Against all odds

"Being a woman is very fascinating because we always want to give our best no matter the situation. Right from nurturing a child to the adulthood stage, women provide and stand by their families without giving up.

We also have in-built strength which is evident from the way we deal with different problems. In most surveys carried out to show suicidal cases, men are always at a higher rate compared to women. Despite facing the social hostilities caused by the social norms, we always struggle to get wise solutions without causing any harm.

Most widowed women have decided to stay single rather than re-marry in order to provide for their family which is not the case to most widowers . If the world was full of women leaders it would have been in a better place. My parents played the biggest role in shaping me to become the woman I am today. I cannot allow a man to pull me down to nothing especially after reaching this level I am today," Alice Bongyeirwe, a business woman.

A creature of substance

"The fact that I can get through a crisis without making the same mistakes my father did just makes fascinates me about being a woman. Men always make us pregnant give us little or no support at all thinking it is easy to raise a child as a single parent. Women have always tried to ensure they bring up their children without looking back even when the situation is difficult. I am very proud not be just a woman but a woman of substance.

Whenever I look at myself ,I am always thankful to my mother. I was a very stubborn girl when I was a child but my mother never gave up on me, she tried her best to make me a better person and here are the results. I have also been inspired by my work. I would not say I am a corporate woman but, I know I stand out since I am independent and can handle my own bills," says Arnie Mirembe Kamanyiro, an Interior designer.

The fore-builder of society

"Being a woman is being a mother of the whole nation. You must be exemplary, hardworking, ambitious, caring and loving to the people around you. The fact that we are able to bring forth and plan, we are always seen as fore-builders of the society. We carry babies for a long period and take care of them until they have become responsible people, which is not an easy task.

Unlike in the past where women used to sit and wait for their husbands to provide, nowadays it is vice versa. I am also a scout leader in my college and I was inspired by my fellow woman, Prof Maggie Kigozi," says Susan Anek Ogong, Teacher at Lango College.

Her students have also been a source of inspiration and made her a proud mother.

At the steering wheel

"What I love most about being a woman is the fact that I am in control of my home. I know what is best for my family, what makes them happy and how to do make them happy. Another thing that makes me proud about my gender is that I have the gist of contributing towards development reproduction.

Most of the time women are always called upon to influence decisions compared to the past centuries where women could be neglected in influencing decision making. We are called to do a lot even God Himself created Eve since He knew Adam needed a helper.

I get my motivation from the Almighty God and my mum since I have always run to them every time I have a problem and they have never turned their back on me," says Lydia Luwaga, Senior Health Educationist, Ministry of Health.

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