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Newly inducted Gender and Development Minister, Julia Duncan-Cassell, has warned men, whom she says are abusive of women and children to "refrain from such act or face the full weight of the law." She sounded the caveat last Thursday, when she formally took over from outgoing Gender and Development Minister, Varbah Gayflor, at a well attended ceremony held at the Gender and Development Ministry in Monrovia.

Reports reveal that 'abuse' against women and children is prevalent in Liberia, with several cases of sexual domestic violence, child labor among others occurring on a daily basis.

The Gender and Development Minister stated that her warning was a call to "all men who find pleasure in abusing women, kids and vulnerable children to immediately refrain."

She stressed: "They shall not go unpunished under my administration, not while I am Minister of Gender and Development."

However, she assured that her administration "shall endeavor to bridge the gap between men and women participation in development issues of our country."

She indicated that under her watch, the Gender and Development Ministry will implement key policies and international instruments; with the aim of lifting the spirit of those she calls underprivileged women, girls and children."

She added that by implementing key policies and international instruments, the underprivileged women, girls and children in Liberia will find their rightful places in the forward march of the country.

She expressed the hope to decentralize operations of the ministry, and to ensure "gender equality and the well being of our children, girls and women in all spectrum of our society."

"We will work with our women throughout the country, cities, districts, clans and towns through programs that would promote the economic, social and cultural development of all of our people," the new Gender and Development Minister stated.


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