Source: Angola Press
Media Minister, Carolina Cerqueira, appealed on Tuesday in Luanda to African women to continue to develop lobbies and make advocacy, aiming for an effective exercise of women's rights.

The official said so in the workshop on the background of the ruling party's Women Wing (OMA) at international level.

She called for the participants to reflect on the current framework of women in the world, particularly in Africa, focusing on the need of reinforcement of the advocacy.

In addition, the minister said that in Africa, AU has been providing mechanisms for females leadership in member countries, through the creation of commissions aimed to work on the adoption of gender policy.

To her, the Africana Woman continues being a platform to accelerate the implementation of policies of gender, greater participation of women in decision making organs, in resolution of conflicts, reinforcement of their economic and business power, to improve the families' living conditions and social conditions of African societies.


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