Source: All Ghana
More than 600 investors, political leaders, private sector officials, and economic experts from the world are meeting in Libreville, Gabon, for the first ever New York Forum for Africa.

The three-day event, which begins on Friday, June 8, would bring together an unprecedented community of global influencers, who are interested in Africa's progress, and are actively contributing to new growth and development across the continent, including more than 300 African entrepreneurs and business leaders.
The New York Forum is one of series of topical conferences designed by Richard Attias and Associates to focus on the global economy that is key to economic growth and social development.
The findings of the Forum would be presented to the G20 in Los Cabos, Mexico, on June 20.
A statement, signed by the Founder of New York Forum Africa, Richard Attias, copied to Ghana News Agency, said: "A new optimism is coursing through Africa as steady economic growth, more effective leadership, and a rising generation of talent combines to create a host of opportunities."
Cecilia Attias Foundation would also host "The Dialogue for Action Africa, for Women in Africa," to be participated by 400 global experts to develop socially and economically sustainable solutions for African women and seven First Ladies from African countries.
"While the global community is aware of the many challenges that still exist, they have responded to our call to action, and representatives from around the world will be joining us in Gabon for The New York Forum Africa. I believe that this event will provide a unique platform for Africa's entrepreneurs and rising business leaders, to tackle problems together and to engage with executives and investors from around the world."

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