Source: All Africa
Rwanda's First Lady, Mrs Jeannette Kagame, yesterday in Gabon, took part in the Dialogue for Action Africa, a conference on promotion of women rights.

The dialogue, organized by Cecilia Attias, a seasoned activist for women's rights, brought together NGOs, representatives of the private and public sector as well as philanthropists.

First Ladies from Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Namibia, Senegal and the host, Sylvie Bongo Ondimba were among the key guests at the event.

Some of the key issues discussed included: Education for girls and women, women's access to business and entrepreneurship, health systems and maternal care as well as women as agents of peace.

During the round table held by the First Ladies to share experiences from their respective countries, Mrs. Kagame spoke about Imbuto Foundation for which she is the Patron. She explained the foundation's intervention and role as a catalyzer for change. Today, Imbuto foundation has narrowed its efforts to help the most vulnerable Rwandans.

While discussing Women as Agents of Peace, Mrs Kagame highlighted the journey to equality that Rwandan women went through and how unlike many others wasn't a tough one because of the support of the country's leadership. She also spoke about Rwanda's post Genocide transformation efforts.

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